As God places each little fragment…we become His Masterpiece. Life is made of moments, choices, beliefs… What we see in our finite minds is not the whole picture but only a fragment of a work in progress. Only God in His infinite wisdom can take the broken, the incomplete and make something beautiful…Mosaic in Thee.

Mar 24, 2010

What we see from day to day in Ecuador

Ceviche de Camaron, mmm, it is my favorite dish!  The best place to get it is at a little hostel in Playas.
Kenny with the men from the rehabilitation center in Guasmo.
Peddlers and beggars in front of the catholic church.  
Big and small....we got 'em all!
Soooo many people....Soooo little time...
Cuy, (guinea pig) Ready for a cook out?
Not so mega Mega Taxi.
Fishermen in Playas, putting out nets.

These are just a few of the sights we get to see here in Ecuador.

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  1. Love the pics, but that bug scares me!!!! Thanks for giving us a glimpse in your life there. It really is neat to see.