As God places each little fragment…we become His Masterpiece. Life is made of moments, choices, beliefs… What we see in our finite minds is not the whole picture but only a fragment of a work in progress. Only God in His infinite wisdom can take the broken, the incomplete and make something beautiful…Mosaic in Thee.

Aug 20, 2011

What about D-e-p-u-t-a-t-i-o-n...

Yes...I know it has been a little of forever since I have written on here and I do apologize. 
I was asked by a friend what are some things that I learned or practices while on deputation...after reading my response to Kenny, he told me to post this on my blog...being the, ahem...'ever-obedient helpmeet' here goes. :)  

These are not in order by what is most important...we all should know GOD is first and formost, then family...

1.  Remember, God called you and He will provide. Trust Him and He will get you there in the time frame that HE wants you there...don't get caught up in this, "bless God it only took so-and-so ten months to get to the field!"

2.  You are in God's will the moment you said yes to soul-conscious for your path will cross with many you would have never met.

3.  Continue raising your kids the way God directs...don't do anything toward your children because of worry what someone else thinks...or because they voice their "opinion" of what you should do... but pray for wisdom and guidance to take good advice.

4  You and your kids are entering a very unstable environment, so don't let things that matter slide...devotions, time with each other, etc...take time to stop and see things! Enjoy this adventure God has allowed you to experience. Make it a wonderful time of adventure for your kids...memories are a blessing in later years. You're not on an ongoing vacation but you're also not on a 24/7 24/7 time clock for the churches.

5  Don't feel guilty about taking care of your family...and for those who have family and friends who do not understand this calling...don't feel guilty about serving God.

6.  Be yourself...comply with the standards of the churches you visit...don't lower your standards, though. Show respect, but remember you're not on a reality show to win big, you are following a training, faith-building session.

7.  You can learn something from everyone, what to do and not to do. You're not there to "fix" them and God can use many different people to get you on the field.

8.  Get to know the people more than the other missionaries at conferences. This is to build your prayer support!

9.  Realize and appreciate what others sacrifice for you, big and small.

10.  Pray and work to be a blessing to the churches. Its easy to get use to 'gettin' and not so much to 'givin'...

11.  ...and please remember, your attitude reflects your faith, and it makes all the difference in the world to you, your family and those around you.

Our motto was....well, if it gets rough, it'll make a good prayer letter! (..but in this, never gripe about the churches) 

12.  By the way, don't get caught up in discussions with other missionaries complaining about churches and pastors.

Proverbs 3:5 & 6 and Romans 12:1 & 2 should be before us at all times. We all know them, but do we really believe and follow them?

I am sure there are many that could add many valuable things to this list as it isn't an 'Everything you need to know about deputation' list...but it can help you to stay  focused on whats important