As God places each little fragment…we become His Masterpiece. Life is made of moments, choices, beliefs… What we see in our finite minds is not the whole picture but only a fragment of a work in progress. Only God in His infinite wisdom can take the broken, the incomplete and make something beautiful…Mosaic in Thee.

Sep 9, 2010

An Added Blessing...

Five years ago today, God gave us a beautiful addition to our family; her name is Esther.  She is God's precious answer to our prayers for our oldest son.  Karl is a wonderful man who has a tender heart for the the Lord and an outer toughness to endure and be steadfast. We prayed for most of Karl's life that God would give him a helpmeet, a  person as special as he is to walk through this life with him as one.  Esther is a beautiful woman that loves our Lord and loves our son.  No one could ever ask for more in a mate for their son.  
Seeing God work in their life (because they are one)  is such a blessing!   
However, there is nothing better than watching them raise their children.  I am so thankful for the parents my grandchildren have!  A wonderful blessing God gives to grandparents is a peace in knowing their grandbabies are being raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
Happy 5th Anniversary Karl & Esther!!  We love you!! 

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Karl and Esther! Kimberlyn, I'm so happy the Lord gave you such an incredible daughter-in-law. I pray that the Lord would bless our sons one day with beautiful - on the inside and out - wives as well!